Picture Display Hanging Kits

Hanging Kits For Pictures Posters Rugs, Including Adhesive & Suction Cup Hooks

A picture hanging kit is a complete package of hanging fixtures & fittings in one complete set. We stock modern & traditional picture hanging systems & supplies, including 'no nails' picture hanging solutions, eliminating the need for any tools or damaging your walls...

Hanging Kits For Pictures Posters Rugs, Including Adhesive & Suction Cup Hooks

A picture hanging kit is a complete package of hanging fixtures & fittings in one complete set. We stock modern & traditional picture hanging systems & supplies, including 'no nails' picture hanging solutions, eliminating the need for any tools or damaging your walls or ceilings. A variety of different sizes & types of hanging kits, including wall-mounted & ceiling mounted systems, hanging fittings for windows and surfaces impossible to create holes in; all available for your paintings, photographs, posters, banners, & more.


Picture Display Hanging Kits 


  • Art Gallery System...

    Complete Sets For Creating An Art Gallery Display

    Complete Picture Hanging Rail Sets using various Art Gallery System Rails, Hanging Cords, Steel Cables, Hanging Rods & Adjustable Picture Hooks! Get a quick & easy experience, in the confidence you have all you need; to create a complete gallery display for your artwork, paintings, framed canvases, photographs, signage, & more. Note: We have picture hanging rails you can install on walls & ceilings!

    Our professionals can also install your system for you! Please contact us for a QUOTE!

  • Poster & Banner...

    Hang Posters On Flat & Glass Surfaces With Re-usable Hanger Sets

    Transparent & Aluminium Poster Hangers, combined with a choice of Suction Cup, Adhesive hanging hooks, Moulding Hooks, and other picture rail hooks. Hang your posters, banners, graphics, advertising, calenders, memos from any surface like window glass or door, without nails or other substances! Utilise those office corridors and spaces, by creating displays on windows, doors, and other smooth surfaces. Or take advantage of an already existing picture hanging system or victorian picture rail to display your ever changing banners. Create entire window displays by displaying graphics & signs, inward and outwards, using a single set! All poster hanger strips are re-usable, and very quick & easy to use; and can display all sizes A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 & larger 3m (300cm) width banners & other graphics!

  • Heavy Picture &...

    Hang with confidence with our heavy duty picture & mirror hanging kits. Recommended for brick & solid walls, how hanging solutions can easily suspend any heavy picture frames & un-framed canvases, framed mirrors, wooden display panels and more. Our strongest hanging kits have been tested to hang items up to 50kg in weight, with ease! - We are delivering Worldwide.

    For product information or custom-made / bespoke hanging services, please call our Sales Team:
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  • 'ANTI-THEFT' Security...

    Professional Art Gallery Anti-theft Security Picture Hanging!

    A FULL Anti-theft deterrent & picture hanging security solution! Easy & Ready to use! This security system will simply LOCK your framed pictures to the wall! Ideal for public areas like Galleries, Pubs, Bars, Hospitals, Hotels etc, where an Anti-theft security system can be essential! And most importantly, ALL fittings are CONCEALED behind the picture, making this one of the most discrete full-security systems you'll find!

    The system consists of wall mounted "T-head" screws that slot into brackets installed onto the back of the framed picture! Using a special "Security Key", the T-screws are then turned LOCKING them to the frame! The only way to remove your pictures, or even access the security fittings, is with the Security Key!

    This Anti-theft solution will work with any size or weight of picture! Depending on the size of your pictures, you can add as many Kits as you like! Alternatively you can buy extra fittings separately (Including spare Security-Keys!), if you want to guarantee your framed picture will be safely supported.

    'Same Day Delivery' In & Around Greater London Area! Worldwide shipping.

  • Magnet Hanging Display...

    Magnet poster hanging sets for metal & ferromagnetic surfaces. Re-usable hanging fittings that can display posters, signs, photographs, graphics & banners. Poster hanging solutions range from aluminium strap hangers to suspended cable with adjustable picture hooks for framed paintings & unframed canvases. Easily hang large or small posters with magnets instead of pins, nails or adhesive substances that can mark or damage surfaces. These magnet poster hanging solutions can display sizes A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 & 3m (300cm) widths or larger!

  • Poster Hangers &...

    Why Use Binding Bars For Hanging?

    Hanging posters is a common practice that spans both the private & professional sectors. On a retail or commercial premises, a poster hanging on the wall or suspended from the ceiling is an extremely effective way of getting the most out of in-house advertising, especially with large posters & adverts. Whether in the home or office, using a pair of poster hangers, binding bars or paper grippers enables you to hang posters like you would a framed picture, rather than using less reliable blu tack or tape which over time can actually cause damage to your walls surface! For all Poster Hanger Sets, we have clear plastic & metal Aluminium styles, that each give different aesthetic effect & performance.

    Our Clear Plastic Poster Hangers & Aluminium Grippers

    From Transparent 'Strap' Hangers, to Heavy Duty Aluminium Paper Grippers, our Poster Hanger Sets have all of your presentation needs covered. All hangers & grippers can be used with a variety of media & industry standard paper sizes. Clear plastic Poster Hangers & Binding Bars come in pairs and simply slide onto the top & bottom of your posters. One strip in a pair, has a hanging loop to hang onto a picture pin or picture hook. Aluminium hangers have a stronger snap-frame style mechanism that clamps onto paper & heavy card, and grips with quality rubber edging. Paper Rail is a wall-mounted aluminium track that's a quick & easy way of sharing information, as you can simple slide notes, drawings, photos, memo's etc. into it's gripping slot or rest them on the top! All Hangers & Paper Grippers are equipped to handle A4 A3 A2 A1 portrait & landscape paper-sizes, and are compatible with wall & ceiling-mounted hook suspension!

    Hanger, Binding & Paper Rail Sets

    ALL Poster Hangers & Binding Bars come in pairs (Top & Bottom), but when buying Poster Hanger Sets, you will also be getting the suspension components too! Suspension components consist of a Wall or Ceiling-mount fitting with transparent nylon suspension cord or thin steel cables! A Paper Rail Set consists of multi tracks & suspension cable to hang parallel down your wall! Custom colors & sizes for all Hangers, Binders & Paper Grippers are available!

    FAST DELIVERY Service for all Stock Items! For Custom Colors & Sizes, please contact us for a QUOTE!

  • White Board Hanger Sets

    White Board Hanger Sets are solutions for hanging dry erase whiteboard from modern picture rails. Gallery system picture rails enable the whiteboard to slide, reposition (left to right), be added or removed in seconds; NO TOOLS, NO SCREWS. Complete whiteboard hanging kits include a gallery system picture rail, hangers & dry erase marker board. Hangers can be purchased separately and are compatible with existing clip-rail & j-rail gallery hanging systems on the market. Whiteboard hangers tested to hang 10kg. We offer worldwide shipping for all White Board Hanger Sets.