Picture Lighting, Ceiling

'Ceiling Mounted' Picture Lighting & Hanging solutions.

Picture Lighting, Ceiling 


  • U Rail Lighting

    U Rail Lighting is a Low Voltage (12V), Art Light & Picture Hanging Track in one system! It's a direct screw fastening rail, designed with suspended ceilings in mind, but can be mounted on any wooden surfaces! It's super fast and easy at hanging your Paintings, Posters, Photographs, and with the added bonus of illuminating them too! All of your display is fully adjustable, including the Lighting Armatures, once any or ALL of your pictures are already on the wall; and pictures and light fittings can be added / removed at any point on the rail, at any time!

    So why a hanging rail in the first place? Instead of traditional methods of hanging pictures, whereby you are limited to their positioning; modern picture hanging systems allow you to fully adjust your picture, from left to right and also height, without installing any additional fittings and damage to your walls! This is made possible by suspended transparent Perlon cords (Or steel cables), that slide across the rail, and are attached to the back of your pictures with fully adjustable picture hooks. This also means that you are not restricted to hanging just one picture, as you can add additional cords and picture hooks to cords; and hang pictures in columns, one above another! This is ideal for smaller pictures or when wall space is limited. With display potential this versatile, with the bonus of an integrated Art Lighting system too, the possibilities are endless!

    The U Rail Lighting & Hanging System can carry loads up to 45 kg (99 lbs) per meter